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  • Do you want to do something about cups?

  • Cup waste driving you mad?

  • Can’t stand the fact that single use cups are used for about 15 minutes max?

  • Neither can we – that’s why we created Cup Solutions – to make single use cups disappear!


We work with towns and their cafes, with venues, campuses and businesses and with festivals. We have developed simple and effective ways to replace single use cups with robust reusable cups to make a difference.

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So why do we need cup solutions?

7 million single use paper cups a day get thrown away in the UK!

Less than 1% of single use paper cups get recycled

Half a million cups end up as litter every day

Reusable coffee cups on a deposit return – is a simple way to solve this problem!

Choose to Reuse

Our cups are 100% polypropylene – argghh we hear you cry – plastic and that’s bad right? Actually – this is using plastic in the right way – plastic lasts for ever so why not use it forever? Our cups are designed to be washed a thousand times…. And at the end of their useful life, our cups are fully recyclable.

We work with

From festivals to PTA summer fairs we offer solutions to reduce your waste, reduce your carbon footprint and to help the memory of your event live beyond the last act.

We provide a comprehensive service for the smooth implementation of a simple deposit return cup scheme.

Get in touch to tell us about your event – and we’ll come up with the plan that solves the problem.


Do you have a staff canteen, coffee shop or a vending machine? Are you Spending money on single-use  non-recyclable cups? Simply replace the old cups with reusable company cups – to reduce waste, produce less carbon and support UK initiative.

We will visit your premises, design a system for you and advise on implementation. You get bespoke cups printed with your logo that last for thousands of uses. So instead of your logo ending up in the bin,  it revolves around your work place, goes home with your staff, is gifted to your partners and is associated with a product that solves a problem and looks after where we live…..


With our tested model our Reusable cups make a massive difference to consumption and waste in a a campus situation.


You get cups printed with your logo – so instead of your brand being visible for just 15 minutes before the cup is binned, it is here for the long haul, on desks, in lectures, in the town. Why not make a statement about quality, concern and your commitment to environment by eliminating single use cups?


A Reusable cup scheme works beautifully in a town – where a customer can buy their coffee in one café,  pay £1 deposit for the reusable cup and then wander down the road and pop it into any café of shop supporting the scheme  and get their money back.

In partnership with BID Shrewsbury, we started the Shrewsbury Cup in February 2019 and now have 25 venues using the Shrewsbury Cup. Click here to see how it works in Shrewsbury

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